InTech GmbH is a company for industrial automation, strongly oriented to customers' needs. During our professional development and solving individual client requests we developed local suppliers network and built good partners' relationships with lot of companies. The two of them became strong players in their own fields and we decided to make InTech GmbH company like a representative of the group oriented to the west Europe. InTech GmbH together with InMold and TipTeh can respond to almost every request without any subcontracting - that is the main reason for our cooperation. InMold which is the biggest tool shop in this part of Europe with huge machine park can make big range of mechanical parts, and constructions. Together with TipTeh leading engineering company in this part of Europe we are ready to respond to a big range of requests for automation.


  • Tipteh is a leading company in this part of Europe in factory automation.
  • Companies in 5 countries (Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina).
  • 55 employees (40 engineers).
  • 22 years on the market.
  • >11.000.000€ turnover in 2018.


  • Inmold is the biggest tool ship in this part of Europe.
  • Inmold is producing extremely durable, high-quality molds.
  • > 240 employees
  • > 11.000.000€ turnover in 2018.
  • Big part of service range is CNC machining and mold service and maintenance. Complex robots are entirely produced in Inmold plast.

Machine cocntepts development

Final machine design

Machine production

Electrical hardware and software design

Machine retrofit

Company for industrial automation, strongly oriented to the customers needs.
Our experience is available to our clients in order to find technically and financially optimal solutions.
Intech maintains a very high level of knowledge with a team of highly qualified professionals who combine their experience with regular training and follow up new technologies.
Our team has a lot of accumulated knowledge from different fields and types of industry.
There are no problems for us, only new challenges.

We are capable to proceed big range of requests for automation and deliver to you Western Europian solutions at Eastern Europian prices.

Our main goas is that we want to become your first choice for industrial automation.

Our Competences

  • Simens
  • Afcon
  • ASP
  • unitronics
  • yaskawa